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- Why yoga for me 15+ years ago? I fell in love with yoga over 15+ years ago. I looked into it as a way to find a balance in my life. Coming from a Systems Engineering background, I spent a high amount of hours sitting in front of a computer. My mind was always busy solving technical problems. So, I realized I needed something different, not just exercise, but something to quiet my mind also. Yoga was the perfect workout that helped me to find the balance I was looking for. With yoga I quiet my mind and at the same time I move my body.

- Why yoga today? However, the reason for me to practice and teach yoga today is different. My son died in October of 2014. After the death of my son, I needed something more than just balance. I needed peace but, above all, I needed to learn acceptance. 

- How does yoga work for me? I use yoga to bond with myself, to stop for a moment and just live the now. During my yoga practice I go inside of me, scan my body, my soul, and my mind. I go to the point where I am aware of what I am feeling physically and spiritually. I accept these feelings, so I find harmony and calm within me. I am convinced that yoga and meditation will help anybody with any obstacle in life; even the loss of your own child. This is what I want to pass on to my students.

- Why I teach yoga? I love yoga and I love to teach it. I graduated from Core Power Yoga 200 hours Teacher Training program, Judith Hanson Lasaterth Relax and Renew® Restorative Yoga Teacher Training, and Jason's Crandell Vinyasa Yoga Training 300-Hours . I enjoy spreading my passion for yoga to my students. I see yoga as a gift that came to my life and I share it with my students in each class.

- How I teach yoga? Most of my classes include meditation, flow through the poses (vinyasa), balance, stretching (gentle), and sometimes a little dance and Chakra healing meditation. I can teach the class either in English or Spanish.


- Certifications:

  • Yoga Alliance E-RYT200 RYT500

  • CorePower Yoga 200 hours Teacher Traning program.

  • Jason Crandell Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training 300 hours.

  • Relax and Renew® (Restorative yoga) with Judith Hanson Lasater.

  • YogaFit Teacher Training program Level 1.

  • How to Teach Yoga to Kids - Go Go Yoga for Kids Certificate of Completion

  • Reiki Level I, II Certificate of Achievement

  • CorePower Yoga Teacher Training Extensions

  • CorePower Yoga Sculpt Intensive Teaching Training.

  • Ayurveda Specialist Certification

- Continue Education

  • Yoga for hormone balance: Diabetes and Thyroid Condition workshop - Niroga Institute

  • From Grieving to Believing: Grief Yoga - 1440 Multiversity

  • Breath and Bandha - Yoga Love Oakland 

  • Advanced Asana Labs: Piedmont Yoga

  • Yoga for Healthy Back: The Yoga Room Berkeley