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Yoga For Runners

Yoga For Runners- Coming Soon

Get more from your running workouts with yoga!

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This class integrates whole body awareness focusing on stretching and strengthening different areas of the body including the hips, legs, glutes, spine, and core. You will improve flexibility and prevent injury. Some of the yoga benefits for runners are: strengthens all the muscles in your body, teaches you to use your breath as a tool, helps with flexibility, reminds you to rest and recover, trains your mind.

All levels are welcome! Even if you are not a runner!

Length of Class: 45 minutes

Level of Difficulty: All Levels

Yoga Grief

Yoga, a Medicine for Grief - Coming Soon

A Healing Workshop for people living with grief

In this workshop I will share with the participants some Yoga and Meditation exercises as tools to help relieve some of the pain I know grief causes.

Participants will start, voluntarily, sharing what loss(es) are currently impacting them. I will ensure we are in a safe and relaxing space. The goal here is for participants to know they are not alone in their grief.

I will then lead participants through two yoga sequences and a special meditation. My goal with this meditation and the yoga sequence is to help the participants begin the process of healing and awakening the Light and Love within them.

Yoga Ayurveda

Your Body Type & YOGA - Coming Soon

In this Online Workshop you will learn

YOGA FOUNDATIONS based on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda
YOUR BODY TYPE, the kind of movement and breathing that benefits you
HOW TO DO Yoga postures according to your body type
The different aspects of Yoga
What you doshas are and their current state
You will practice how to approach the most common practiced Yoga poses accordingly with the present estate of your constitution to take the maximum benefit from your Yoga practice.

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