Yoga, a Medicine for Grief

"Our Grief does not become Smaller, we have to Become Bigger. We have to build our life around it and find a way to Honor OUR LOVED ONE(s)."

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Yoga Grief

Yoga, a Medicine for Grief a healing workshop for people living with grief. 

In this workshop I will share with the participants some Yoga and Meditation exercises as tools to help relieve some of the pain I know grief causes.
Participants will start, voluntarily, sharing what loss(es) are currently impacting them. I will ensure we are in a safe and relaxing space. The goal here is for participants to know they are not alone in their grief.
I will then lead participants through two yoga sequences and a special meditation. My goal with this meditation and the yoga sequence is to help the participants begin the process of healing and awakening the Light and Love within them.

The Sequence:

  1. Meditations:  - Chakra cleansing meditation to allow energy to flow smoothly through your bodies and come within yourself. - Meditation to connect with your Lost/your Loved one.

  2. Energy Movement Series: Open the channels for your Life Force Energy to ease it to flow through your physical, emotional, and spiritual body.

  3. Heart Chakra Opening Series: Tap into your heart space where most of your grief is accumulated.

  4. Release Series: Discharge negative feeling and help to loosen your tension.

  5. Relaxation Series: Time to relax and absorb the benefits of all your practice.

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